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xp_sqlagent_notify Access Violation

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Hello Guru's,


SQL Server 2000 ENT SP3a build 818

Windows 2000 ADV SP4

Running reporting services 2000, trying to create a new subscription

receiving execute permissions on MASTER..xp_sqlagent_notify extended

procedure. This called caused an ACCESS VIOLATION and brought down SQL

Server. Verified the RS logon account does indeed have execute permissions.

Traced the call, copied and paste in my test environment. (statement is

below), and it also brought down my test instance. Has anyone encountered

this issue and have a resolution?

exec master.dbo.xp_sqlagent_notify .sqlserver.todaysummary.com.op_type = N'G', .sqlserver.todaysummary.com.job_id = default,

.sqlserver.todaysummary.com.schedule_id = default, .sqlserver.todaysummary.com.alert_id = default, .sqlserver.todaysummary.com.action_type = default

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